AVA GARDNER … on the beach.


BALLERINA AND DIVA: Galina Ulanova in Giselle; Lillian Gish in The Wind.

One tough SOB … the great LAWRENCE TIERNEY

Grand Old Blogging News

Extra, extra! My newest Grand Old Movies blog post is now up. Nothing fancy, just a look at what your truly has been doing outside the boundaries of the Grand Old Movies blog. It’s a round-up of classic-film writing I’ve recently done elsewhere and of articles to come — on The Thin Man, Lawrence Tierney, and Ann Harding, for starters. Short, simple, sweet, and, I hope, stimulating. Please click here to read my latest post and to see what the grand old future holds.

GALINA ULANOVA, at age 86, demonstrates a lift from Romeo and Juliet.

Nick and Nora and Asta.

Mrs. Watson takes her pet swan Leila out for a drive.

Mrs. Watson takes her pet swan Leila out for a drive.

GALINA ULANOVA coaches her first pupil, a young EKATERINA MAXIMOVA, for the latter’s debut in Giselle¬†at the Bolshoi Ballet.

Somehow I picture LANA TURNER relaxing this way at home.